Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Feb 8th Playlist

Sorry i didn't post yesterday i was smoking several strands and forgot to post something before i went to sleep so here are a couple on my current playlist.

Curren$y- Elevator Musik

DeadMau5- Ghost and stuff

Mors Principium Est- Inhumanity

ACDC- Back in black

smoked about 6 grams of this last night shits awesome


  1. oh hells yah, music phreakz im a music guru myself =D, tried to work at record label, comes to find out they ride off the backs of fucking interns, biggest waste of 5 years ever

  2. I love the Mau5! Ps mm weed, haven't had any in months!

  3. weed is the downfall of society! and i have absolutely no data, information or gut feelings to support my statement. I also died a little inside just typing it.